Hexagon Game

Hexagon Match

This is my favorite Hexagon alike game!
Read instructions below the game or click 'play' and 'help' to find out how to play.

How to Play

The goal of the game is to color all the cells of the Hexagon with the same color before you run out of attempts.

You start in the lower left corner, the cell you start with will flash in order to show you which cell you start with. You grow your Hexagon by clicking on one of the colors at the bottom screen.

All the cells that are touching your Hexagon cells and are with the same color as the color you clicked will change to that color on every move you make (move = click on a color). Those newly colored cells are now yours and your Hexagon is growing. On each turn you will own more cells according to the colors you click and that are already touching your Hexagon.

You have a set of limited number of attempts to fill the screen. If you succeed to fill all the cells before you run out of attempts you will get 100 extra points and 10 more points for each attempt left and you'll advance to the next level.

Use the menu to start a new game. Good luck!